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Food consultant

Jerusalem episode

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, season 2

ZPZ Productions

Food Consultant

Jerusalem on a Plate Documentary

Keo Productions

2012 winner of the Guild of food writers Kate Whiteman Award for Work on Food and Travel

Food consultant

Tel Aviv episode

Season 1

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website content & recipes


recipe developer, styling & photography

The white Chef website & social media


recipe developer

Shavu'ot recipe booklet

Tnuva 2105

in collaboration with Lunchbox

Recipe writer & photo shoot prepration for Tnuva & PireusWhite chef social media outlets.

Recipe developer, prep & styling

A series of phyllo pastry recipes developed and prepared for Ma’adanot.

Photography: Daniel Lailah


Recipe writer & photo shoot demo

A series of viral videos produced for Tnuva’s White chef social media outlets.

Styling: Noa kanarek

Stills Photography: Afik Gabai

Babushka productions

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recipe developer

Dairy based recipes

A booklet created by LunchBox Publishing for Pireus

recipe developer

Goats milk yogurt recipes

A booklet created by LunchBox Publishing for the Pireus brand


research & content

Monthly Newsletter 2012-2013

Shuk Hanamal, TLV

recipe developer & styling

A collaboration between Pireus & Carmel winery for Shavuot


Dessert Menu

Yoezer Wine Bar


Website content

Israel's Chocolate week 2013

Israel's Chocolate festival 2013

Website design & content

Arcadia Restaurant


שוק הנמל.png

Website design & content

Shuk Hanamal