Food has the ability to bring people together by creating opportunities for interaction. It  is also a medium for artistic expression and a tool for exploring culture.

Food can provoke thought, emotions, memories and creativity as well as stimulate the senses so it would be a terrible waste not to utilize it.

Gastronomi walks the line between art installation, architecture, event and gastronomy. Each event is unique and provides a playground for experiments creating a

sensual and mental food experience.

A one-off, tailor-made concept is conceived, concocted, and cooked to capture a moment in space through time. Put simply, it is edible architecture.

Exhibition openings, special events, unusual parties, pop- up installations and

workshops are all ideal settings for such an event. 

*This may all sound complicated, but it really isn’t.

Melting Pot Dinner

A bespoke eating experience created for The White City Centre, TLV, 2016 

The concept dinner took place in the former private dining room of a Jewish German immigrants’ family home, now repurposed as a public research & education center. Diners were invited to gather around a large communal table and experience a typical festive Israeli family meal in a private- public space that evoked a sense of family, home & Gemütlichkeit as well as history, tradition and conviviality. 

The Sabbath dinner, a weekly ritual in most Israeli households, is typically composed of an excessively large array of dishes reflecting the ‘Israeli cuisine’; the existing local food culture, local ingredients and the various cuisines and food memories brought by each Diaspora. The abundance of cooking pots formed a new topography; an aesthetic and gastronomic experience indicative of the various cuisines and cultures, both local and from afar, coming together to create a new identity, thus, a melting pot.

Production & realisation: Arch. Sabrina Cegla

Dinner prepared by: Azura & Elran Shrefler

Graphic design: Rachel Kinrot


Viaggio dei gusti

Italian themed concept dinners 

created for Villa Dada, by Tollmans


egg open source

Pop up bar

A project in collaboration with Arabeschi di latte

London Design Festival

September 2009

Garden to Plate

Pilot program in collaboration with Adi Sokol Katziri and Dafi Man

A food based workshop that aims to enrich and emphasise its importance through fun activities, games and experience. 

Shaked school, Ra’anana, 2011


Sensory tasting workshop

Nothing is what it seems, tastes and feels.

A concept tasting menu created for a bloggers workshop

Created for the launch of a diet Yoplait yogurt drink

Commisioned by Tnuva