The Jewish wedding cookbook

Recipes for your spectacular big day!

By Ofer Vardi & Nomi Abeliovich

There is a bride and a groom, a gold ring and a venue, a bridal gown and a well-ironed suit. The only thing left now is to wine and dine with good food and fine wine, and preferably lots of it be it a stuffed chicken, a miniature version of kebab in tahini or a salmon fillet.

Back in the day catering services did not yet exist and it was the family members, friends and neighbors that helped prepare the festive occasion and all the food that went with it. In every ethnic group and Jewish community food customs and traditions particular to the various wedding ceremonies emerged, from Italy to France, from to Morocco and Turkey, from Orthodox Jerusalem to the secular kibbutz.

In Poland and Lithuania, a bride and groom were fed a clear golden soup before their first reunion as man and wife, Georgian Jews baked a festive kabaluli bread in the days leading up to the nuptials and in Morocco it was believed that sweets could cast a magical spell for a successful marriage.

In this book readers will find a collection of wedding stories and snacks, seasoned with dozens of traditional and modern recipes. Authors Nomi Abeliovich and Ofer Vardi met with established cooks, experienced bakers and traditional and contemporary caterers, gathered and collected the best recipes, treats, and ethnic dishes for the happiest time in a couple’s life, all the way from matchmaking and engagement ceremonies through the bachelorette and bachelor parties to the wedding celebration itself, and beyond. These recipes can be prepared at home for a wedding or for any other joyful celebration. Here’s to love and happiness.

Nomi Abeliovich, former architect and current gastronome, is a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy and has been writing, editing and thinking primarily about food, but also about architecture and the connection between the two, since 2009.

Ofer Vardi, publisher and editor-in-chief of LunchBox, is a journalist and gastronome and the bestselling author of Going Paprikash(2009), as well as a co-author of the bestseller Communal Dining: Stories and Recipes from the Kibbutz (2012).

'The Jewish Wedding Cookbook' won 2nd place in the ‘Best Jewish Cookbook’ category at the 2016 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

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